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Perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jeaniene Frost, KF Breene and Kresley Cole.

Jinn, fae, demons, vampires…. what’s your pleasure?

My Books 💋

I write sexy, steamy, paranormal and fantasy romance for adults. If you love kickass heroines, strong, brooding males, lots of chemistry and lashings of heat, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Steamy short story, free to subscribers
Book 1 in the Immortal Hearts Series
Book 3 in the Immortal Hearts Series

He pinned her against the wall, twisting her arms behind her back.

“Get your hands off me, you filthy animal,” she hissed. He chuckled.

“Animal, is it? We’ve devolved to name-calling so soon?” A tongue flickered in her ear. “But by all means keep wriggling. I’m very much enjoying it.”

Beast and Slayer, Kiss of Steel

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Steamy short story, free to subscribers

“Make no mistake. You agreed to the bargain when you asked me to take you. But how the deal is implemented is still open for negotiation. Our alliance, our betrothal, has to be convincing. Either you can act the part of my intended. Or…” His eyes glittered. “We could make the union real. Physical. Perhaps you’d like that?”

Lord Shadeed of the Jinn, Kiss of Fire

Book 2 in the Immortal Hearts Series
Book 4 in the Immortal Hearts Series
Book 5 in the Immortal Hearts Series

Reviews ⭐

“Highly enjoyed – Great adventure read! Extremely well thought out and written. Hilariously sarcastic and really good characters. “

“Blisteringly good! The world building and characters were beautiful. I grinned, laughed, awed, shouted, and squealed (much to the dismay of my husband)”

“Fantastic story! I could honestly not put this book down. I enjoyed it that much. Then I opted to reread it. Still love it. Maybe I’ll read it a third time…”

About Me 😍

I grew up as an army brat and one of my favourite past-times was scribbling down little stories for the other kids to read. Now I’m settled in England with a weird Siamese cat but I’m still writing. My books are paranormal romances full of passion and adventure.

My Immortal Hearts series features different M/F couples in the same universe – every story is full of heat, adventure, and a happy-ever-after!

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